Servomotore UL4

Always receptive to the requirements of a growing market and placing a strong emphasis on the useful hints experienced by our After-Sale Service, R.C.V. has allocated significant resources and commitment to the restyling of the UL4 range of brushless motors.



This product, which has been completely re-designed both on the æsthetic and the mechanical aspects, has been expressly developed with the aim to meet the needs for a sturdy, versatile, compact in size and yet easy-to-install motor.
The innovative features ideally satisfy the requirements of the manufacturers asking for

  • Modern automatic packaging installation
  • Positioners, iron hands and robots
  • Machine tools.


Here the distinctive features of the new UL4:

  • Standard flange for the assembly on current reduction units 80mm in centering
  • Facility to ask for reduced ø 70mm centering
  • Rear cap and lid executed in die-cast aluminium resulting in a considerable increase of the dispersion surface (the previous model was fitted with a plastic protection for the connections thus widely restricting its strudiness)
  • Standard assembly of power and signal connectors type Interconnectron at 90°, which can be positioned in the most disparate arrangements
  • Facility of "after market" assembly of the lip seal on the driving axle
  • Installation of whatever available sensor, with no need to modify or adapt the component (Hall, Revolver, analogue Encoders, Sin-Cos or Endat Encoders)
  • Top space saving design for the version equipped with built in permanent magnet electromagnetic brake - only 33mm longer!
  • The first version is always available in case of request for connections on the terminal board, but restrcited to the sensors type Hall, Revolver or analogue Encoders
  • The new standardized flange coupling can be adapted on the previous model, too.

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