Brushless Rotostators with radial or axial airgap


With the aim to satisfy the different requests of customized applications, R.C.V. is ready to supply the full range of brushless motors (both traditional radial airgap type, and axial airgap type) in the version providing for the rotostator not assembled inside the standard body shell.

This kind of application is widespread among the manufacturers of machine tool, since often there is the request to motorize some axis in very restricted areas or to utilize already existing machine components as shell or as support for the motor.

Another advantage results from the reduction in costs as there is no need to duplicate the components (namely safety protections and devices, coupling flange, connectors, seek sensors, etc.).

For the development of such applications we invite you to contact R.C.V. Technical Dept. where they will care to examine your requirements and agree on the methods of application. According to your request, a document analysing the feasibility will be drawn up, followed by a discussion paper illustrating the functional dimensions to comply with and the prototype for the final approval.

As to the features and the electric data, refer to the standard brushless servomotors (ULTRACT) data sheet; concerning the overall dimension, refer to the technical table aside.


  1. The description MAX inside diameter stays for the largest dimension of the through hole which can be executed for every type of rotostator to be further assembled on the Customer's shaft, but only in case such operation is directly carried out by R.C.V. – should a rotor unit be requested for self-assembly, this value will degrade according to the method of coupling (interference, conical fittings or others) utilised to join the rotor to the axis to be driven 
  2. the description delivered torque stays for: nominal torque – S1 service - 0 Speed – Dt 100°C – with rotostator inserted in a housing dissipating the losses
  3. magnetic attraction stays for: the axial load exerted by the rotor magnets towards the stator pack, the load value has to be taken in consideration when choosing the bearings.


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