d.c. Motors - Light Line


The R.C.V. production program of direct current winded field motors includes models attaining a yield power of 2.35 kW at 3000PRM in the different construction types (B3 – B5 – B3/B5 – V1 etc.), featuring protection degrees which vary from IP23 up to IP65.

The excellent performance of these motors must be attributed to the quality and the accuracy in the construction. They can be used availing of many advantages when a variation in the rotating speed set and controlled over a steady torque even at low running rate is required.
The models part of the "light line" are featured by a structure partially deriving from the asynchronous motor thus availing of a consistent reduction in the manufacturing costs.

We speak about motors without commutating poles, suitable to be used with voltage ranging from 12-24v up to max 220v. They can be fed with rectified current produced by static feeders or by means of more traditional systems like dynamo or batteries. The excitation power, if restricted within limited values, does not compromise the rapidity in the reply which is also obtained according to the reduced proportion of the motor with low inertia.
Any version can be fitted with parking electro-magnetic brakes and/or speedometer dynamos.

In addition, the version IP23 provides for the assembly of an add-on fan (SA) or, in case the overall dimensions in height must not be modified, of a coaxial fan (SC).

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