Brushless Alternators


R.C.V. has been planning and manufacturing brushless alternators upon specific request of the Customer.

The alternators we developed have been huge in power, but in most cases the requests we received were focussed on machines ranging within 5 kVA, where the cost of the control electronics does not bear excessively on the general investment.

Indeed, up to this power seize, the use is restricted to small hydroelectric or wind power stations, where the produced energy is accumulated in batteries and then distributed by means of small installations which are not connected to the national electric network such as mountain pastures or huts.

Another important application of these products can be found in the aviation industry, intended as board generator and/or starting up of thermal motor.
In consideration of the huge custom-design degree contemplated for these applications, it has been impossible to issue a standard catalogue to look through; as a consequence, it will be necessary to contact the R.C.V. technical department specifying the information on power and tension as well as the number of running revolutions requested by the alternator.

According to the request, as a general rule, a document analysing the feasibility will be drawn up, followed by a discussion paper illustrating the functional dimensions to comply with and the prototype for the final approval.


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